Rania’s degree in Economics has encouraged her to take a critical approach to the way the world is run today.

She now challenges accepted practices and looks to find a better way of doing things. She also feels she is much more open-minded than she was at the beginning of the

Learning about regulations and how to successfully run a business has helped Rani develop her leadership skills too.


Rania, Economics:

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Develop effective written and spoken English:

Having lived abroad for the past 10 years I was very worried about coming back to England and about my English levels, whether they were up to scratch and up to the standard that university requires. I think that my degree has definitely helped me to improve my written English especially through the assignments and reports that are required as part of our modules. I think that the word limits have definitely helped to help me become more concise in my writing and to structure my written reports correctly.

Explain and argue clearly and concisely:

Curiosity and openness to change:

Studying Economics requires a level of critical thinking and a critical approach to the world as it runs today. I think that’s something that I have definitely improved since I started my degree – to not just take things as they are given and to actually think around about what’s being said and argue whether I think it’s correct or whether I have a different opinion. Critically thinking has allowed me to become more open minded to how the world works.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Use technologies to access and interpret information effectively:

Before coming to university I could barely use Excel and other similar programmes. The Spreadsheets and Data module is a core module for an Economics degree and one I feel that is very, very important because it has allowed me to not only use the programme but also to know how to collect data and organise it in the right way. I’ve been able to apply this with other subjects – it’s been very useful.

Transferable key skills to help me with my career goals and my continuing education:

I’ve always wanted to go into business – whether it was as a leadership position or simply working and building my way up. There are some skills that are very, very important to have if you want to work in this environment and I believe that my accounting module has been very important to transfer those necessary skills. Through that module I’ve learnt how to check accounts and double bookkeeping and also make sure that I haven’t put an extra zero on the end and the accounts are correct.

Acquire substantial new bodies of knowledge:

This year a new module that I have is Business Law; if it wasn’t for doing this subject I would have no idea of the regulations, the legislations and all the rules that concern the running of a business. For example, Contract Law I found was very, very relevant, to make sure that it’s a valid contract and if there are problems how to prevent those problems from happening and what course of action you can take if the problem does arise obviously in a legal way.