Katherine recommends that anybody taking a Business Management degree should opt to take a dissertation in their last year.

For her dissertation Katherine decided to create a marketing strategy where she needed to gain permission from the Facebook Page owners to collate data from their pages and analyse them.

Not only did this require her to work with and negotiate with a large group of people, she also had to manage and analyse a huge quantity of qualitative data.


Katherine, Business Management:

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Critically evaluate the reliability of different sources of information:

I think the first attribute that I got from my whole degree is that I’ve learnt how to distinguish and how to evaluate the reliability of different sources of information, even more in this world with social media and internet in general. I think I have really learnt how to distinguish and differentiate between a reliable and a non-reliable source of information. I think it has really helped me academically as well as on a day to day basis.

Work effectively in diverse communities:

Being from Canada I was not really used to working with people from around the world, but in Queen Mary students are coming from everywhere – so it really helped, for example, when you’re doing team work, when you have people from North America, people from Asia and people from Europe – you get different perspectives on things.

Possess the skills to influence, negotiate and lead:

I have learnt how to negotiate, lead and influence people. I would take the example again for team work because within several teamwork activities that we had to do in Business Management degree, I discovered my leadership skills. I discovered that I was really good at managing and organising the whole team in order to make sure that everything was going according to plan. That’s why I’m pursuing further study in management as well.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Acquire and apply knowledge in a rigorous way:

The module that I really enjoyed and which was the most helpful for my whole degree was I think my dissertation which is a module which is going on for the whole year. It’s not a module where you have a lecturer – it’s a module that you are building on your own and I would suggest that every student do that at the end of their degree. When you’re doing a dissertation, you really have to follow a rigid academic structure; for example, you have to do the literature review and after that you have to do the methodology, the findings, the result, the discussion. You have also to read and to get a lot of body of knowledge through a lot of different references and academic journals in order to build the dissertation and to find a gap in knowledge to have your question of your dissertation. It really helped me to learn how to get knowledge and use it in order to build a project.

Use quantitative data confidently and competently:

Throughout the dissertation every student has to do a primary data analysis or a secondary data analysis. For my part I decided to do a primary data analysis through the gathering of data from Facebook and such data. I really learnt how to use this data and analyse it, in order to get some results and key findings as well.

Work individually and in collaboration with others:

The dissertation is really a module where you don’t have a lecturer; you don’t have lectures or seminars so you really have to plan your time accordingly. You really have to build your dissertation by yourself. Also towards my dissertation, in order to get access to the Facebook insider data to build my social and marketing strategies, I had to have access to that data – in order to get access I had to collaborate with the Facebook page owners.