Deliya is a first year Aerospace Engineering student.

Her degree has given her the opportunity to work in groups, which has really helped her to develop communication and leadership skills.

Deliya also feels her degree has challenged her to think creativity in order to find solutions to engineering problems. She is confident that these experiences will be valuable to her in  the world of work.


Deliya, Aerospace Engineering:

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Apply my analytical skills to investigate unfamiliar problems:

Here at Queen Mary I’ve learnt how to apply my analytical skills to investigate unfamiliar problems. In other words university teaches us to think creatively. Lectures don’t provide us just with information and knowledge; they also allow us to find our own creative way of solving an unfamiliar problem. We students do not necessarily have to follow the solution that the lecturer has shown us. We can find our own creative way of solving the problem and that is very valuable.

Work individually and in collaboration with others:

Engineering students learn how to work and how to develop our ideas in a team. This is significant because when we work in a team we can’t choose our group members – that’s the same thing we will have in our jobs. When we go to our future careers, we will not choose our colleagues. We will work in collaboration and that is what we’ll learn in Queen Mary – to work in collaboration.

Produce analyses which are grounded in evidence:

Here in Queen Mary we do laboratory work each semester. When we do our laboratory and experimental work, we learn how to make analysis using technologies. We learn how to interpret results, how to interpret information correctly and how to make arguments if needed clearly, precisely and confidently. That is very important for me and I think this skill, producing analyses in scientific work, will be very useful for my future career.