Rose feels her English Literature degree has helped her to engage more with the world.

Learning to how to interpret and contextualise texts in new and exciting ways has encouraged Rose to see the world in a different way. These different perspectives have challenged her to think outside the box.

Frequent feedback from academics and opportunities to read more widely have also helped Rose to develop her writing and analytical skills.


What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Apply my analytical skills to investigate unfamiliar problems:

I guess the top one would be your analytical skills which you kind of don’t really realise that you’re developing but I think just how much critical reading you do you kind of learn to critique everything and sometimes you’ll be watching a film and you’ll be like, oh my goodness, I can’t help sort of analysing her and thinking about that dynamic, and that sometimes can be quite overwhelming but also I think it shows that you’re kind of engaging with the world critically and I think that’s the main thing about going to university.

Develop effective written and spoken English:

I guess my second attribute would be my writing style and I don’t know whether you really see that necessarily develop or it’s just kind of the feedback you get from your professors and again with how much reading you’re doing of other theorists, you just sort of develop and your writing style gets a lot stronger. If you look back at your essays in first year you see just how your academic language becomes better. With that the way you articulate yourself verbally, I think that has definitely got stronger because you’re in kind of small seminar groups so you have the confidence to sort of speak up and say how you feel and you’re really encouraged to do that, and a lot of the time you’re marked on that which kind of gives you the impetus to speak up I suppose.

Adapt my understanding to new and unfamiliar problems:

My third attribute would be my wider world view because doing English you read so many different stories from around the world and you just see people’s differing perspectives and I think that just helps you kind of open your eyes to different cultures and people.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Accept the responsibilities that come from taking a global perspective:

My favourite module I think has been Gender, Race and Empire which is one I did in my 1st semester of 3rd year. Through this module I learnt the value of interpretation and reading a novel in a different way so for when I say I looked at Jane Eyre and read it in a colonial lens which is quite easy to do because obviously there’s a lot of imperial references in it, but I think that really helped me with my dissertation which was on Jane Austen and Empire because it’s really important to kind of put a particular sort of theory cap on and look at the novel in a particular way. Going to a British school you see the world from England’s perspective and I think it’s really important to understand how the Empire affected other countries and people.

Acquire and apply knowledge in a rigorous way:

We went on a trip to the Museum of London in the Docklands and there were just so many different kinds of resources proving the point about abolition, for example, Wedgewood China was really important in influencing middle class families about the slave trade. I think your Professors really encourage you to think outside the box a little bit and look at those domestic objects and see how they can help expand a particular point of your essay.