Haoxuan’s degree has helped him work with, and learn from, people from other cultural backgrounds.

From the PDP module he has undertaken, Haoxuan has developed good communication skills and enjoyed the group work aspect of the course.


Haoxuan, Joint Programme:

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Accept the responsibilities that come from taking a global perspective:

As a student in the Joint Programme at Queen Mary and at BUPT in China, I think the graduate attribute that has had the strongest influence on me was having a global perspective. Diversity among students and faculties is the most important features of Queen Mary because here we can see lecturers and students from all over the world. We can hear different voices and different ideas from different countries.

Work effectively in diverse communities:

Through such kind of everyday experiences, the different cultures can communicate with each other and thus we can learn from people with other cultural backgrounds. That will lead us to a better understanding in how to work effectively in diverse communities.

Apply different forms of communication in various social, professional and cultural settings:

We have a module on the Joint Programme called Personal Development Planning, in which different kinds of communication skills are practiced – content like making a presentation in front of a room of people, debating with others on a specific academic issue, or others like writing an essay or writing your own CVs. Such abilities or skills can be very hard to learn through other courses because they are more focussed or concentrated on a specific field of study rather than general communication skills.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Work individually and in collaboration with others:

The module I want to mention is a 2nd year module called the Design and Build Project in which a group of students build up a digital clock from just great components. The project allows us to go through the whole process to co-operate in a group project. I think that helps students a lot in building up effective group communication and group co-operation. The industry is being more and more globalised, people from different fields of study and people of different backgrounds come to co-operate with each other and we cannot work solely on our own – it’s impossible.