Robert’s degree in dentistry has helped him to develop his communication skills.

Taking an ethics module as well as working on clinics has opened his eyes to different cultures and perspectives. It has helped him to think about how he can deliver the best possible care to his patients as respectfully and as appropriately as he can.

Robert is also aware that technology, materials and practices are always changing and he needs to keep up with these advancements to be the best dentist he can be.


Robert, Dentistry:

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Clarity of Communication:

As a Dental student it’s really important to have clarity of communication and this is especially clear within Ethics and Psychology because you’re looking at different perspectives and you into group and you think about how people would think about it, so different groups of people, different cultures, how they respond to the same situation.

Learning continuously in a changing world:

As well as this we’ve got a learning style compatible with a changing world and this especially relevant with in dental materials. We have people coming to our trade fairs from outside groups and explaining to us the newest materials which are coming on the market, the science behind those and how they’re going to fit in when we come into practice. Obviously this is really important because our degree is always changing; the world we’re working in is always changing.

Engaging critically with knowledge:

Engaging critically with knowledge is definitely an important attribute that’s been developed so we have lectures in plaque related disease, human health and disease and again dental materials. The idea is we have to read around the subject instead of just going to the lectures and understanding what we’re taught, and then we take all that information and we apply it to our clinics and lab sessions.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Clarity of communication:

A module which really focuses on graduate attributes is Ethics. Again we’ve got the clarity of communication, we go away and we look at different scenarios like is it ethically right if we refuse treatment to people who refuse to actively engage in oral hygiene so they’re not helping themselves so should we help them and we look at it from different angles like utilitarian perspective for example.

Have a global perspective:

As well this we’ve got a global perspective of the world through ethics. We look at cultural relativism in the East London area. Obviously we’re in a very multicultural area, we need to understand looking from one person’s perspective and another person at the same situation, how would they feel with our actions in that sort of position especially in a clinical situation.

Learn continuously in a changing world:

Combining ethics with an ever changing world and a developing dental profession, it’s important to be able to have openness and curiosity with change so we’re better suited for a changing world, we can judge how things are going to pan out in the future and how situations are going to pan out as well.