As a Law student Holly is now used to debating arguments within her work, giving both an account of what the defence and prosecution arguments might be.

Concise writing and legal research skills are also vital to becoming a successful lawyer.

Holly has found herself researching Star Wars and Rihanna regarding copyright law.

Holly believes good judgement is also an important skill. Knowing what information to pick and what to leave out is crucial to determining whether you understand a topic.


What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Develop effective written and spoken English:

Doing Law you obviously have to develop a sense of writing cohesion quite substantially and quite quickly. When you start your degree you’re faced with these essays – it’s a completely different writing style to how you write at your GCSEs and A Levels.

Explain and argue clearly and concisely:

I think Criminal is probably the best example. You have to, in your essays, write what the Prosecution and what the Defence would say to a Sexual Offences Act. Or because you get problems and you have to write down what you would expect, if you were in court, the Defence and Prosecution to come up with, and then what the ultimate outcome of that scenario would be. Writing and debating your arguments down on paper is another one.

Apply my analytical skills to investigate unfamiliar problems:

With Law the amount of legal research you have to do is quite substantial – it’s a different type of research from anything you’ve ever experienced. You have to use different kinds of websites, source books and huge legal review cases and you’ve got to find your articles and then pick out certain aspects – research is essential.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Curiosity and openness to change:

I’m currently doing Intellectual Property Law. A lot of the cases in Intellectual Property are new cases. One of the most recent ones is a George Lucas Star Wars case which was last year – it’s so relevant and so new that going and researching them is quite easy because you Google away and you’ll find all these articles written about it, and it’s such an interesting topic. Learning things like copyright laws – for example, you’ve got people trying to copy Rihanna songs and it’s really interesting. It’s because it’s so interesting the curiosity aspect just comes hand in hand with it really.

Initiative and resilience in meeting challenges:

The kind of legal language that you have to learn with it is so new and so different from other kinds of aspects of law – it’s intellectually a new challenge every single lecture you go to because you’re faced with new ideas, new concepts.

Good judgement:

The judgement with the body of work that you have to read – what you pick and what you don’t pick – is sometimes the crucial element between understanding the topic and not understanding the topic.