Laura feels her languages degree will be essential in the world of work.

Today’s big businesses are global enterprises, with offices in different countries, and many use different languages to promote the work that they do throughout the world.

Laura is especially looking forward to her year abroad. She feels that knowing another language and another culture will put her in a strong position post-graduation.


What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Recognise the value of operating in more than one language:

Studying two foreign languages is recognising the value of operating more than one language. I think nowadays as the world is getting more and more global most businesses operate in different countries and if not they use different languages to promote on their website. I think it’s definitely very valuable and a great benefit of speaking another language and also knowing another culture within business, that’s very important too.

Curiosity and openness to change:

So the second graduate attribute that I’ve developed is a curiosity and openness to change. Specifically with regards to our 3rd year in my Spanish and Portuguese degree, we go abroad for the whole year so either going to a Spanish and Portuguese speaking country. That means that we’ll be living in another country using another language and you may consider that as well for your future career.

Use writing for learning and reflection:

The third attribute I think more specifically has to do with using writing as a way to learn and reflect. I’ve personally realised that writing for me has definitely helped me make sense of anything that I learn; it helps you analyse information, extracting the information that you need, structuring and writing it down in a way that makes sense.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Critically evaluate the reliability of different sources of information:

One of my modules that I took last year was History and Culture of Latin America. We had to write two essays for that and we had to read and write a lot. I think one of the attributes that I developed there was critically evaluating the different sources of information that you need to use for your essays, because on the internet there’s so many things available especially about the topic that I was writing on, which was about a lot of history of Argentina. There are so many things written about the war that was taking place in the 19th Century and it was very important that you were very accurate in choosing your sources.

Explain and argue clearly and concisely:

So another attribute is explaining and arguing in a clear and concise way. One of the essays I had to write involved quite a lot of different and quite complicated concepts such as individualism and feminism and religion. In order to be able to explain those concepts and make sense of them in your answer, you really have to structure your arguments and explain yourself in a very clear way.