Undertaking a Politics degree has helped Flora to meet a diverse set of people.

This has only added to the debates in seminars, particularly when discussing how certain policies have impacted on people’s lives on a daily basis.

Flora has also developed her analytical skills that help her to question the reliability of sources. She often finds herself questioning assertions made in newspaper articles in a way she didn’t before beginning her degree!

Undertaking the Electoral Behaviour module has given her some experience working with qualitative data, which she feels will be useful to her post-university.


What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Work effectively within diverse communities

It’s been very good at introducing me to new types of people. I grew up in London, came to university in London, never lived anywhere else and didn’t go to a massively diverse school, so coming to Queen Mary has been really fantastic in that sense and specifically doing a Politics course.

Accept the responsibilities that come from taking a global perspective:

There’s a lot of debate in politics and the seminars are really interesting. You get to hear about all these different areas of people’s lives and actually how policies specifically affect them in ways that you never would have even considered. It’s made me a lot more analytical and I find it useful in everyday life – there are skills that I’ve gained from the course of questioning sources, when you’re reading the newspaper you’re thinking, oh, yeah, but you know … you’re ignoring this bit.

Engage with the professional world:

Over the last 3 years – I only realised it the other day – I’m just so much more confident in my communication with adults or professional people. Even if you start university thinking I’m really adult now – I’m a fresher, I’m at university. It’s just the ability – and it sounds ridiculously simple – to go I need to email this person that I want to give me a job, or that I quite respect, who is quite high up – just sitting down and just doing the email and not thinking twice about it.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Use quantitative data confidently and competently

I did a module called Electoral Behaviour run by Judith Bara for semester A in third year which I really enjoyed. It offered a different ways of learning than the previous modules that I’d done. We actually designed and carried out our own survey, with practice surveys so that we could analyse what was good and bad about it, and then we did a full one. Firstly, it was working with data which we’ve only done at the end of the first year before – but it was incredibly useful, for moving on into the world of work where you have got to look at data and be able to understand it.