Yasin’s medical degree has given him many opportunities to work with patients.

This has shown him how crucial good communication with both fellow doctors and patients is.

Yasin has also decided to take an intercalated BSc in Global Health as part of his degree. He has looked at epidemiology and health policy. This has helped his writing and research skills.


What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Acquire and apply knowledge in a rigorous way:

I’m studying Medicine at the moment so the first 2 years are mainly pre-Clinical; you have lectures and you’re learning all the stuff. You do have some patient contact but then in your final 3 years you see a lot of patients and you put to use all the knowledge that you’ve put together. One of the main things I’ve learnt is acquiring and applying knowledge in rigorous way. There are huge bodies of information that you need to just taken on board really quickly – especially in your clinical years you have to apply it particularly when doctors are grilling you left, right and centre.

Engage with the professional world:

If you can’t communicate with your superiors or your fellow colleagues then you’re really not going to get anywhere. It’s also detrimental to the life, health and wellbeing of a patient because if you really can’t
communicate with your peers then people’s lives are at risk.

Work individually and in collaboration with others:
In Medicine you do have to go away and just put your head in a text book or
go on the internet and just learn everything. Group work is also essential as
well – problem based learning, scenarios as well as on the wards and
communicating with the doctors and patients.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Acquire and apply knowledge in a rigorous way:

I’m intercalating a degree at the moment in Global Health. Global Health is completely different from your standard medicine; it’s completely new, just looking at epidemiology and health policy and everything, things doctors don’t really look into when they’re in their training.

Developing effective written and spoken English:

Essays are the crux of my module so I really need to brush up on essays and everything I have done since I’ve started.