Studying a Business Management degree has helped Konrad explore marketing strategies in depth.

The module, Introduction to Marketing and Communications, required Konrad to work in a group and write a group report critiquing established models of marketing. Working in a group was challenging.

Early on Konrad emerged as the leader and was responsible for co-ordinating group meetings and delegating work to members of the group in order to make sure the report was completed on time.

Konrad also had to make sure that he could solve any issues that arose quickly and fairly. This module really tested his initiative and resilience!


Konrad, Business Management:

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Connect information and ideas within my field of study:

One of the top attributes from this degree I think is the ability to link the different areas of my subject together and so say, I’m studying Statistics, I’m able to transfer those skills into my marketing work as well. When I’m writing assignments it just adds more weight to my overall grade.

Initiative and resilience in meeting challenges:

Another really important attribute is the transferability of those skills. I took part in this cyber workshop management crash course and we were trying to develop a scenario for an airport in Switzerland. It’s just the ability to work with people you’ve never worked with before, you’ve never met with and just get on and really present your ideas and the things that you learned. It’s really practical.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

Work individually and in collaboration with others:

One of my favourite modules so far was the introduction to marketing and communications; it was a critique of the traditional marketing ideas and one of the first assignments we were given was to produce a group report based on one of the companies we chose. When this was first assigned, we didn’t know each other. We weren’t put into groups and we had to put our own members together, so it was like an icebreaking exercise as well.

Possess the skills to influence, negotiate and lead:

I took the initiative – I looked at the people sat in the front rows, I thought they’d be the most devoted so I put them in my group. I just emerged as the leader somehow. Activities such as this one are really good to really test your skills as well. I was responsible for co-ordinating the meetings, delegating the work and making sure everybody was on track – the hard work really paid off, we got top grades overall.