Aamenah has been the president of the Help in Need Association (HINA) since 2011.

For the last 30 years, HINA has awarded financial help to the local community.

As president and trustee Aamenah coordinates and chairs committee meetings where applications for funding are processed and decisions are made as to which applications
are successful.

This role has developed Aamenah’s leadership and communication skills. She enjoys being a part of HINA because it feels as though she is making a real difference.


Aamenah, HINAHINA is the Help-in-Need Association – it’s a registered charity that’s been running for the last 30 years by medical and dental students at Barts and the London. Basically what we do is we process applications and award grants for people in need around the Tower Hamlets area – it’s about giving something back to the community that we’re working and studying in.I’m the President of the society – this is my 2nd year of being the President now and I’m also a Trustee for the charity because it’s a registered charity, it all needs to be legal with different people in high places. My main job really is to co-ordinate everything, chairing the meetings is the most important thing because obviously that’s where we process the applications, and we get everyone sitting down, listening to each other, listening to each others’ views.

I think the best thing about being involved in HINA is just that you actually feel like you’re doing something, like we try to meet every month, we get varying amounts of applications – for example, a couple of applications per month – asking for various things that people are actually genuinely in need for and like things that are affecting their lives.

Top three attributes developed through an extracurricular activity:

Possess the skills to influence, negotiate and lead:

Definitely the last couple of years when I’ve been President trying to lead has been something that I’ve definitely developed. I feel like I’m hopefully getting a bit better at it, I feel like I know how to control situations better and how to make sure everyone has their time to speak.

Respect for the opinions of others and a readiness to act inclusively:

If someone sends an application for a contribution towards something we have to then decide how much we want to contribute and obviously people have different opinions and it’s kind of about recognising that people do have different opinions, trying to listen to why they have that opinion and just making sure everyone else is also kind of listening to it and just coming to a decision that everyone’s happy with.

The ability to reflect upon and assess my own progress:

We have meetings to assess how far we’ve come and I think it’s just been like really good to see where we’ve started off – how disorganised we were to 2 years when I took over as President and how many people just had no idea that HINA was running and doing all this amazing work. Now everyone I speak to I’m say, HINA is amazing, come and join – we do all this amazing work.