Dantong’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering with Management has given her a broad range of knowledge.

Not only has she developed lots of subject specific knowledge, Dantong has also enhanced her English skills.

Her degree has given her chances to work collaboratively in a team. Most of the modules she has taken have required her to work with her fellow students to tackle challenging problems.

Once the problem had been resolved, the team would have to write a joint report and create and run a programme that demonstrates their solution.


Top three attributes developed through a degree programme

Acquire substantial bodies of new knowledge:

The first attribute developed through my degree was acquiring substantial bodies of new knowledge. As a student in Telecommunication Engineering with Management on the Joint Programme, the courses gave me expertise in telecommunications engineering and in the fundamentals of enterprise management. This has equipped me with all the necessary knowledge to make me employable in the future in Telecommunications engineering.

Develop effective written and spoken English:

We have a lot of chances to practice our English in the Joint Programme. The Joint Programme is entirely taught in English – which is very extraordinary in China. All of the assignments must be in English. We also make some English presentations – so gradually we are able to polish our English language skills.

Work individually and in collaboration with others:

Almost all the courses in Joint Programme are composed of course work – at every stage we must work as a team. We must discuss the task together, split the task and assign different pieces to different people. We must then work individually on the piece of task we’re responsible for – more importantly we must ensure that the coursework fits together as a whole when we integrate all the pieces of work together.

Top three attributes developed through a module:

Adapt my understandings to new and unfamiliar settings:

In a module focused on new product development, we are taught about the fundamentals of new product development – in the coursework we are required to design a new product development plan for a specific company. I learnt to adapt my understandings to new and unfamiliar settings. In this situation, we might have to research about a specific company and then think about how to apply the theory that we’ve learnt in class to this company.

Use information for evidence-based decision-making and creative thinking:

In thinking about new product development for this company, we must thoroughly research about this company and know it very well. Only in this way can we decide which new product development will be suitable and profitable for the company.

Connect information and ideas within my field of study:

We must integrate all the theories and knowledge we have learnt and also conduct intelligent research about new product development. Based on the company situation, we then come up with our own ideas suitable for this company.