Mobien’s degree in Computer Science has given him many opportunities to network with leading experts.

The opportunity to talk to visiting companies, and find out more about career prospects, has been invaluable.

His degree has encouraged him to take responsibility for his own learning.

Experience of working in teams has enhanced Mobien’s collaborative skills and the multicultural aspect of Queen Mary has also opened his eyes to different perspectives.


Mobien, Computer Science:

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through your degree?

Engage with the professional world:

I’ve engaged with the professional world, more so over the last 3 years with constant emails every week telling us that maybe this company is here; this company is coming on Tuesday, Monday, and Wednesday. You have this opportunity to network and it’s literally being able to talk with leading experts in the field and find out how this career can kind of benefit you or that career can benefit you.

Work effectively in diverse communities:

Coming to university and being of the edge of the City and especially with London being very multicultural and such, there’s a really, really diverse community. The reason why that really effectively helped me is because you saw different paradigms from different people, like their view and their perspectives of how they see a situation.

Initiative and resilience in meeting challenges:

I think I developed initiative and resilience in meeting challenges. In school or in 6th form you do something and you had to do it there and then or you’ve got homework and you have to meet it and it’s clearly defined as such. When you’re at university your time is your time, there is no-one going to come up to you and say have you done that yet, it’s completely your time and up to you how you manage it. You’ve got to make sure that you’re resilient in meeting your own challenges, for example, I’ve got my dissertation this year and in 3 weeks’ time I’ve already given my date to hand it in. The official date is April 22 but that’s just me trying to meet my challenges and trying to manage my time effectively.

What are the top attributes you’ve developed through a chosen module?

The module that we had in second year which was a core module – it was done throughout the year, it was called Software Engineering and what that module contained was imagining that you’re in a year-long project, imagine you’re part of a company and you had to produce something at the end of the year and so you had to use the requirements as such.

Work individually and in collaboration with others:

You had to have clearly defined roles – so one was a Project Manager and one was maybe an editor, one was maybe a writer and such and one was a developer, more from a technical background. It was a year-long project so you had to have meetings, then go away from those meetings and work by yourself in what you can do, and then bring it back to the table every meeting and collaborate with other people. It was literally this way over the course of 8 months and you weren’t going to get your grade unless you worked with each other.

Acquire and apply knowledge in a rigorous way:

Whenever we learnt something it wasn’t just that we learnt it, it was why does that happen or why how does that happen; how can we apply that to that and how can we use that to benefit our project that’s going on right now. It was literally just going out there and finding new knowledge, questioning it and then trying to see how we can fit it in what we were doing.

Respond appropriately to criticism:

We actually learnt how to respond effectively to criticism. I think that was the main one because there was no way we were going to actually improve what we were making because it was a user requirement project. The person that’s going to use it in the end had to be happy with it and constantly bringing that product to them and then getting the criticism and responding appropriately – that was a huge thing and I think doing that over the course of 8 months really helped.